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Duff Battery

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Hi All

Can anyone recommend a new make of battery for 1994 s special 1.8. Originally I purchased the car with a panosonic battery that needed to be replaced (3years ago) I bought a westco sealed battery from MX5 parts but after 2 years it started to play up and despite giving it a trickle charge now and again it keeps letting me down. The car is only used as fun car really but is used usually once a week.
I have heard good reports about the wesco battery but I don't want another as I think they are over rated. ( I can hear you shouting fool at me already).

Another make would be welcome ,thanks for any help.

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The Westco battery needs to be trickle charged (under 2amps) for long periods (i.e a few days) if you run it flat. Unlike a standard lead acid battery, these types of battery charge like an onion - charging from outside layers inwards and only drawing current from inner layers.

So if you only charge for a few hours, then you are not really helping, I would suggest sticking it on trickle charge for a few days and see what happens........these batteries should well outlast standard ones
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