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Drivers Side Front Wheel Bearing

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well the drivers side front wheels bearing has had its time. After turning the radio up for the past week
I think its about time I got it sorted so got a couple of questions.

Its a 90H 1.6 non abs

1) Have I got to replace the full hub?
2) If yes wheres the cheapest/best place to go?
3) How easy is it to sort?

thanks nutzers
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1) Yes
2) Because you have to replace the hub, you want an OEM one. In fact I'd be surprised if you can get a non OEM one. So, Mazda or Mx5Parts. Try Autolink as well, they do some OEM stuff
3) Shouldn't be too difficult. You'll need a high range torque wrench for the hub nut though - it's above the range of most autofactor torque wrenches. You'll also need a funky sized impact socket, 29mm I think.

Thanks Daz.

should be good for the tools. Typical it goes now. Did the cambelt and major service last month!

money money money !!

seen the MX5 parts one so I'll give autolink etc a look

hopefully get it running smooth again but hey it's nearly 20 years old so can't complain
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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