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Hi all,

I have recently purchased a 2003 mk2.5. When I bought it, I got it for a low price as the car doesnt lock at all from the outside. Both drivers side and passenger side barrels are broken. The car however does have central locking and did lock and unlock both sides from the drivers side door (only locks and unlocks the passenger side.)

I bought a remote locking kit from amazon:
Remote locking kit

My idea initially was to use the what i thought were the control wires and put together a loom, as seen here:
Remote Central Locking.

This didn't work, I tapped into the violet cable and used the room fuse with a fuse tap for power. It litreally did nothing (im guessing it was the cables from the control box not doing what I thought they did.)

My next idea was to put power directly to the actuators already in the drivers side door. Using this wiring diagram: Figure 21. This had some success in that it did try to fire the actuator, but it would only move the cable around a millimeter each time. It was also locking and unlocking correctly with key fob buttons.

Does anybody have any ideas why it is only moving slightly and not the whole way?

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