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I know Jesus Ninja was there but I don't know which 5 was his. Shout out mate

I ended up using a 200sx I have as there is still a rattle on the mx5 I cannot locate
The 200sx was fun and I gave it death all day despite the conditions, and despite a bit of pad wear, it drove home after 50+ laps exactly the same as the trip up.

I was there with Dale ( and 4 other cars I booked on a few months ago. I drove 4 of the 5 cars (the 5th was fwd ghey so I didn't bother) and had a cracking day.

A mk2.5 sadly ended up in the wall and plenty of other cars inc a few mx5's were off taking little detours across the grass and gravel. All in all it was a very good fun day with minimal carnage given the amount of people flying off the track

Here is a short bit of on-board with me in the middle of the day.

I also took my mechanic mate as my second driver who hadn't driven anything rwd for about 10 years, let alone around a wet track. Please excuse the colourful language, but him shitting himself all the way around was worth the upload

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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