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Diypnp Question

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Somewhere there is a diagram for the pinouts off a 1990 car, can't find em, can someone point me in the direction please?

Also looking at I need pull ups on VR2 to 5v & OPTO to 12v, is this the same on a 1.6 aswell?


PS so nearly have my DIYPNP ready to laod on the firmwares, good evening work
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go to the forums.. then you'll see the megasquirt forum followed by super important megasquirt threads.
okay, confused now, here is the 90-93 pin out

Admittedly I haven't pulled the old ecu from the car yet but that pinout looks nothing like the one I have on my DIYPNP connector

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arse, just seen a mistake, have wired the seq board for low impedence injectors
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That looks like the same connector i've got for a 96 1.8.

I'd wip out your ecu and try plugging the connectors into your connector board. See which one's fit. Looks most likely to be the two outer one's
Makes sense now, the "2" section on the first diagram match the "4" section on my output board, willhave a looksee at my ecu in the morning (that'll explain why the pictures of DIYPNP connectors I have found on the web have numbers written on them)

Ta G
That connector does more than just the 5 you'll just have some empty sockets, no big deal.

Be obvious when you look at your own ECU
Bloodyhell, it works (on the bench at least!)

Off to rip my ECU out, see what happens next.....
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