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Discs - Std Or Drilled/Vented

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Hi, after some advise please.
My discs (front and rear)are nearing the end of their life on my 94 1.8 S Special.
Should I just replace with standard Mazda discs or is there much justification in spending the extra dosh and getting drilled/vented discs.
I intend fitting greenstuff pads with either option.

The car is used as my daily commute,and driven hard at times when the situation allows, it will not be used as a track car.

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standard discs will be fine even if you did go on track.
Standard discs - spend the spare money on better pads.
Standard discs will be more than man enough for road use.
Grooved discs best for an upgrade if really needed as more durable than cross drilled discs. They crack if used hard and so require regular replacement. I always found they cracked up before getting worn out. Grooved is a good compromise but experience from the MAX5 racing and Ma5da racing is that OEM stuff works really well. I would put the saving into grippier tyres myself.....
Yup genuine Mazda discs.....
Any more for Standard discs - as thats what I was gong to say
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Thanks to all.......standard discs it is.
As said above get some better pads - Mintex 1114 or Yellow Stuff
I upgraded all my discs to grooved and x-drilled with better pads on my 1.6,found a huge difference only down side is the amount of dust produced
I've only ever used the mx5parts standard replacements. I've found them to be as good as the OEM parts. Always been more than good enough. Save the dosh for sticky tyres or decent pads.

Indeed, stock disks (or larger replacements) FTW .

You don't need drilled or grooved disks unless you're uber anal about unsprung weight (drilled) or like to cockwave (grooved). Some decent pads, braided brake lines and DOT5.1 fluid will see you far better, even on track.
Been there done that.

OEM only up front and pattern rears are the way to go.

Yeah go with the standard discs.

Buying drilled and grooved discs has been my biggest regret. They made no difference and you get a really annoying sound from the air passing over the grooves...Bit like blowing in a beer bottle!!!
I had cross drilled on the rear and they crack and they had alot of meat still left on them

I had a couple weeks play with them (as they came with the car i bought) what had greenstuff pads, i replaced with bluepoint discs and delphi pads and found it need to push more to get the same type of braking as before, maybe just the pads and discs i got are wank but i think the greenstuff were pretty good or it might have been the cross/drilled im not sure

I still have cross drilled on the front with green stuff maybe its uneven braking now

Ive got the brake carriers from a 1.8 so will be upgrading soon after the front end is near limit
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