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Well considering the sun was out today. We decided to wash and polish Dinky. We used some Marine polish called Hemple. It helps protect the paint from salt and was we live by the sea we thought it might be a good idea.
So as I haven't bothered taking any photos of her we took her to the beach and caught her on camera.

I got some headlamp protectors for Christmas. Better than smashing the lights up.

Stumpy ariel and chrome filler cap.

TRLane roll bar with Nutz sticker.

Pretty standard interior. Momo handbrake handle (not sure if I like it yet), and chrome heater knobs.

Chrome wing mirror covers, and door handles.

Posing in the sun by the sea.

So there you go. I promised the previous owner I would look after her and I think she would be proud.
I have a few other bits I want to do but for now she's ready for the summer.
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Lovin that
Keep up the good work.

Got the same skirts going on mine very soon

Nice MK2.5 centre console would look good in there!
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Thanks guys. I think I'm growing to love her as much as I did my Mk1.

Hmmm Mk2.5 centre console would look nice I give you that, but I've got a Bride cubby lid on my centre console it's too nice to part with.

Got the front bumper and lip spoiler to get resprayed and I want to offset the number plate at the same time. I need a new grille for the mouth as the one I've got it from my Mk1 and it's zip tied in for now so my intercooler doesn't get damaged. Other than that I've a couple of things hopefully on their way from the States to make her look even better.

I'm banned from buying anymore after that for a while. But it should be enough to keep me happy.
Only thing i'd change would be losing the 4-spoke steering wheel (always thought they look like big Merc wheels!) but otherwise its absolutely lush.
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Thanks DC. I know, it's not my fave part of the interior but one of the reasons I got a Mk2 was the airbag.

I'm on the lookout for some thing to replace it but not come across anything that has an airbag and tickles my fancy yet. Oh and I'm a bit scared about changing it myself!!!
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