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Detesting The English Weather, But Making The Most Of It...

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Decided to wash and polish the car to make it all pretty for the meet tomorrow, even got out my detailing brush and went over the wheels with it, spoke by spoke.

The wash JUST finished, and the car was ALMOST ready to be polished... and it starts drizzling.

Ah well took some pictures so decided to just have a play around with them.

Here are the results

Prize for whoever notices the 2 new mods.


Low shot.

Where did the colour go?

Here it is!


I'm moody me...

Ahh the world is going to end!


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I had EXACTLY the same thing happen! Gutted but it did need it, i'm going to guess lotus style badge and TSI's?
Give the man his prize

Got it in 1.

The rain was really annoying because I had done 1 panel and had put the polish on another panel and it got wet so had to quickly wash it off and rinse again. Just hope don't get too many spots.
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I like the look of those TSIs. Where'd you get them?
Came over on a scrapper over at Autolink, was the right colour and everything lol. They had just got it in and hadn't even advertised it yet
You arent moody...i think the correct word is...EMO!!
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That was what the car would be saying if it could talk you spoon
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