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2008 NC 2.0L Sport PRHT in Stormy Blue with white go faster stripes ;)
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Hi all, finally got round to creating an account after a couple months of reading some really helpful posts, so thanks for the great info so far!
I am looking into a CAI for my NC. I currently just have a K&N panel filter installed. I have read a few posts that say there isn’t much to gain from a custom CAI but I’ve also seen that there are certain ones that can actually increase power too. I’m thinking about buying aluminium pipe and silicone hose and creating my own, the sensor shouldn’t be a problem as I have a mate that can do some welding for me. I plan to have the air filter behind the front bumper low down as I’ve seen with some other kits.
My main questions are:
Can I move the breather hose and give it its own air filter?
Would 3 inch pipe be fine to use?
And probably most importantly, am I wasting my time or can it offer some sort of gains?
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