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Crashy Noises On Right Handers

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When I was driving yesterday I noticed the passenger rear of the car was making a bit of noise.

I intially thought it was stuff moving around in the boot but that was not the case. When I go around right handers is when the noise happens, it is noticeable on roundabouts, the rear makes a crashy banging noise almost like something is loose or as if the car isn't damping the bumps properly.

I've been under the car and the coilover is still all attached properly and there seems to be no play in the bushes when I had a look around.

Any thoughts? What are the symptoms of a buggered wheel bearing?

The adjuster has seized on the rear Puredrive that might be giving the trouble too. I have some HSD's waiting to go on, but if needs be I'm going to send any Puredrives in need of TLC back to Performance 5 or Protech to be fixed under the warranty still.
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I don't think it's the suspension, check the droplink and the ARB rubbers.
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