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Correct Plug For Mk1 1.6 1991 Eunos?

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I hope I am posting this in the right section, and that i'm not going to get shouted at if this has been asked before, and it's to dark/ cold/wet out side to go look
(deep breath)
I've already got a megasquirt2 that i built up for an old (now sold) project. And i am looking to put it in my mx. I would prefer not to cut the loom apart, so would like to get the plug to fit my ms2 to the existing loom. is this the right one? my car is listed on his shortlist, but he does use "may fit" and "more compatable" a few times in his listing.
what do you guys reckon? or am i best waiting till the weekend when i've got time to lift my ecu out and have a look?

Many thanks

ps, or am i best off getting another ecu and desoldering the connector?like this
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