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Hey all,

I didn't think I would have to make a thread in this section for a while but I've lasted a day

I noticed a leak from what looks like the thermostat housing t piece and thought why not change the cambelt seeing as it hasn't been replaced.

I just wanted to make sure i was buying everything need for the job .

Is this everything i will need?

List: Product Details Price Quantity Total price
Thermostat Housing 1.6 (TH1) £ 58.12 £58.12
Timing Cam belt All Models Excluding Mk3 (CB1) £ 16.21 £16.21
Cambelt Tensioner Pulley (CBTP) £ 14.87 £14.87
Cam Belt Idler Pulley Mk1 Mk2 Mk2.5 (CBIP) £ 13.00 £13.00
Water Pump 1.6 Mk1 (WP1) £ 33.29 £33.29
Cam Cover gasket 1.6 (CCG1) £ 15.79 £15.79

Am i missing anything?

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