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VVT swapped NA & TD04 turbo NB
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Ingress of water, you could chase this issue for years front to back, these are potential causes if you want to go down the rabbit hole.........

  • Heater matrix pipes from the bay into the cabin, check if they are leaking, pretty obvious dampness from around the area under the glove box
  • Header seal that runs across the length of the windscreen and down the A pillars
  • Blocked A pillar cups
  • Poor sealing of windows against the roof seals
  • Roof seals on both hard and soft top
  • Water ingress inside door card (normally caused by bad weather seal along glass to door
  • Sill drains blocked and water backing up (feel behind seat belt tower)
  • Sill drain plastic one way flap broken, causes condensation back up from the road
  • rain rail on soft top worn or damaged
  • rear window seal
  • Boot lid seal broken
  • Bad rear light seals
  • Aerial seal broken
  • Condensation around battery where vent tubes are not fitted
  • A missing drain grommet (anywhere around the underside of the car)

Probably missed a load, I can't really be bothered to chase condensation issues anymore unless there's actual proper water ingress somewhere as it's just expensive and I don't daily my MX-5s
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