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Hi All,

The coil pack wiring has a plug which mates to the car harness plug, and both have 3 wires. I want to change an aftermarket coil pack for a OEM one and so need to check the wiring colours as the car is not starting and just backfires.

The wires from the car harness to the plug from the top are:

and on the other side of the plug from the coil are:
Black with white stripe,

so if you plug the 2 connectors together the connections are

White - Black with white stripe,
Red - White
Blue - Red

which seems quite strange to me. Could someone with a mk1 1.6 please have a look at there colour scheme for me to see if this is actually correct, the wires colours are visible so you don't need to remove or touch anything, just lift the bonnet.

Many thanks in advance.

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