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Clutch Fluid Change?

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Hi guys, I've never changed clutch fluid before as most of my previous cars were cable operated but I was wondering just how often clutch fluid should be changed on a MX5? I'm replacing my flexible rubber clutch hose with a new braided version so I'll need to bleed the system anyway but it made me wonder how often the fluid should be changed? Also is it worth me replacing the slave cylinder while I'm at it as they are not very expensive and seem to leak quite often (my old one was replaced about two years ago because it gave up but the replacement is looking very worn out now).

Also what about changing the power steering fluid? How often should that be done?

I'm replacing my old short nose crank engine so my engine bay will be empty soon and I thought it might be a good time to get at these items and refresh them ready for the summer

Any good advise guys?
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I'd say change it every 2 years as most oils are hydroscopic and will absorb water from the air. OK, clutch fluid might not get hot enough to boil like the brake fluid does but the water in the oil probably doesn't do the pipes or cylinder walls much good.
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