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Hi, I've been chatting with those nice guys over at about getting another lot of stickers sent over to the UK.
Last year I ordered a bulk load of stickers and sold them via, profited through the original sale of the stickers and any profits I made were donated to (a total or around £30 iirc).

So I thought I'd get a groupbuy going for more stickers, and also the calendars.


The stickers are made of hardwearing vinyl and are approx 150mm long (100mm for the small full colour stickers).

Prices are £2 per sticker shipped from the USA, plus an additional 50p for postage within the UK (50p will cover you for up to 5 stickers). Prices have gone up since last time I ordered them, but thats economics for you:rolleyes:

so.... 1 sticker = £2.50
2 stickers =£4.50
3 stickers =£6.50 etc...

This is what Randy over at told me with regards to what stickers are available...

as for stickers, here is what i have left, once they are gone thats it, as the next batches wont have the Kanji Characters, as its too hard to get them made.

NEW - Chrome Version (not pictured)
Full Color - Large
Full Color - Small


Now, I realise that it's now April, so a bit late in the day to be getting a 2010 claendar, but there's still plenty of time left to hang one up smewhere; the pictures in the calendar are pretty awesome and are worth the price of the calendar alone imo.

I've spoken to the guys at and can get the calendars for a price of $12 / £8 shipped to the UK, plus £1 for postage within the UK. That's a total of £9 per calendar .
(The calendars originally retailed for $15.95 / £10.50 each) + postage.


Prices: Stickers = £2 each + 50p postage (covers up to 5 stickers)

Calendars = £8
+ £1 postage.

Payment: By Paypal Only.

Send your order as a "GIFT" to [email protected],ensure you add the postage costs to
your total.

When ordering I will need to know what you want,and also your name & address to send
the items to!
so make sure you put these details in the message field when sending the money!

I'll keep this "groupbuy" open until Sunday 11th April, Friday 16th April, after which time I wil not be taking anymore orders, so don't send me any orders after that date!

I'll then send the whole order off to Randy @, if it turns out a particular colour is out of stock then I'll contact the buyer and see if an alternative colour is acceptable, if not then I'll refund that part of the order.
Once the order is sorted I'll send the money over and Randy can get it packaged and shipped over to me here in the UK.
When I receive the order in the UK I'll then break it down and get your individual orders posted out to you:)

Any questions just PM me, but please make sure you've read the whole of the above post 1st, if you still have a question then feel free to drop me a PM.



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Thanks to those that have sent me their orders, I' going to keep this open till next friday 16th April to see if anyone else wants to get in on this, then I'll get the order off to Randy @ clubroadster.

All being well we should have the stuff by the end of this month, when I'll be calling back home to collect it & send it out.

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I put the order in the other day, I'm away with work for the next 2 weeks so hopefully I'll have a parcel from the USA waiting for me when I get back:)
I assume it's far too late to bag one of these stickers?
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