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Clattering On Over Run

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I seem to be having the same issue as CRNeo regarding noise - mechanical clatter on over run

it's driving me up the wall, and i've been throwing money at it since its turned up. so far i've changed:

flywheel - FM lightweight
Clutch - FM stage 1
Gearbox - 60k mile mk2.5 - realigned to 65mm ppf to frame rail spec
N/S driveshaft - found 1-2mm movement in a cv - all 4 cv's regreased
diff - checked for lash + pinion movement, 2-3 oil changes with different oils to see if it altered the noise

starting to think it could be the SS mongoose exhaust - baffles falling apart?

someone did mention the heatshield - one under the boot, is there a mid one? can't remember

haven't checked to see if there's a manifold to engine/box bracket but could be worth checking

any other ideas anyone!?
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could be the downpipe bracket that bolts it to the gearbox.. these have a habbit of breaking and then sounding f'ing aweful
defo would have checked heatshields before anything else!

There is one under the downpipe, and one on the manifold. Both those made noises on mine..
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