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Clash Of The Titans

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very average film (wait for the dvd or watch the original) or watch percy jackson

but what made it worse was the dodgy 3d effects some of the character looked square at first i was sure it was me but when i spoke to my mate he said the same , it was almost like they had botched the effects to make them look 3d.

i know it was not filmed in 3d but was adapted after to be shown in 3d if this is what is going to start happening picture made into 3d for the sake of it i wont be going to the picture much this year
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My local cinema showing the trailer for this 3 times before my film started decided this one for me lol.
I have to say I enjoyed the film but thought that it was quite rushed. My girlfriend stated they missed several key points too but she alot more up on Greek mythology than me!

I didn't notice the boxy thing but I do know that this new type of 3d is VERY dependant on where you are in the cinema. Too far off to one side or high/low will destroy it.

On a side note Alice in Wonderland was also done in post production 3d and did come out much better!
I was surprised to find out the original was from 1981, I always thought it was a relic from the early 60's, it certainly looks like it!
only watched it 2d, so cant comment there - but script and acting were fairly laughable at times! there are some points (other reviewers will know where i mean) where Perseus is stone cold emotionless!

And Liam Neeson - dont turn into the next Samuel LJ...
Got to agree, saw this last night in 3d.

Basically wish i hadn't! After 15 minutes i headache from the stupid "after filming" 3d. Really hurt my eyes and was so slow and flickery that you missed half the action. Crap plot, crap acting, crap casting, crap 3d, crap remake. save yourself the money and watch the original!

Rant over!

must say though, the trailer for toy story 3 looked amazing!, dare i say it more 3d looking than Avatar!?
Crap plot, crap acting, crap casting, crap 3d, crap remake.
So... Worth a punt then?

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watched it last night, as said, 3D was shocking, hard to see in places and not very clear,
was watchable, but strayed to much from the original, thought it was more a film in its own right ( a poor film ) than a remake,
should have left it with the old one !! it was a classic !! the new one well one word.... SHOCKING
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should have left it with the old one !! it was a classic !! the new one well one word.... SHOCKING
dont think i'll even bother watching it now

watched the original on dvd again on the weekend
, my girlfriend wasn't as impressed as me with it though! lol
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Haven't seen the new one and don't plan on seeing it even when it comes to dvd, the original was a classic that like some songs should never be covered by anyone else.
I saw the new one and thought, yeah it was ok, nothing great but not too shabby. I would advise against watching this in 3D as it didn't really use it.

I bought the old one for a pound on Friday, here is my opinion on that.

The original is comically inferior in terms of acting and visual affects yet they bring with them a certain charm that only bad acting and awesome puppetering can bring to a film.

The only real let down being that god forsaken owl which thankfully didn't make it to the remake in any more than a cameo appearance.

The original, 4 out of 5.

The remake, 2 out of 5.
I saw this with some mates Friday night.

It didnt feel like clash of the titans, so if you accept it as just a semi historic fictional action film it is ok.
If you bill it as a remake of the classic you will be disappoint no doubt.

We saw it in 3D and apparently the glasses my broitherin law brought along wich he purchased when we saw avatar were no use as they were the wrong type of 3D - left to right not right to left??????

Overall as a film for a few lads to see on a evening when not got much else on it was enjoyable and I didnt slate the film like everyone else seems to and that was the consensus with the 4 of us.

We never had any issues with the 3d effects and thought it was ok. Not great but OK. we sat middle of the auditorium and middle of the rake so probably best position if that had an effect.

I felt it was reasonable entertainment for the money.

PS there were many accents in the film, but really, Australian is not acceptable in an Ancient Greece setting - yes Sam whats your name that means you.
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Utter crap film, as said crap story, they've butchered the original, crap acting and script

3d seemed ok to me though
Even from the trailer it looks like such a monumentally bad film, I think it only got publicized as it had Avatar-face in it.
I really wanted to see this, looks like I'll give it a miss then
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