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Quality car with some very nice parts. I have a similar carboon timing cover as yours to go on soon. Keep up the good work.

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Right, the car is now running for a few weeks and only shows some problems with the idle regulation. Somehow i cant get it to idle below 1500 rpm when warmed up. Hopefully a new idle regulator will change this. Other than that, it's fun. The new parts - especially suspension and chassis - really have brought the car to another level. My favourite additions: Superpro Poly Bushes, BC Racing coilovers and FM Clutch. The new brakes and lines as well inspire confidence (although on some rare occasions i lose the brake assist, which can be scary).

The engine will need a bit more tuning and some timing modifications on the cams but its running well - still a bit on the hot side but way better than before.

As always, it's a work in progress :D

Here's two pictures from the rally event in blackwood forest 2 weeks ago:



Hope to have some better pictures soon...
221 - 240 of 272 Posts