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Chequered Mats

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Anyone got any black and silver chequered mats they're no longer wanting?
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There ya go mate - Start the bidding war! Mats on ebay...

I love the honesty of the write up as well: "I personally think they are bloody hideous ( especially in my red car ) and prefer the 97p rubber Tesco ones currently residing in my MX-5"
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LOL. I was watching these

I have a set of blue stripey Roadster mats that came out of my Mk1 but they don't look quite right in my Mk2 for some reason. So was looking at these to replace them.
That's the problem with ebay, the world and his dog will be after them PAH! Will keep an eye on them though. Somebody somewhere must have some they don't want.
Might be interested in your blue stripey one's, dinky toy if you decide to sell,anything so I can get rid of the horrendous Ripspeed ones my husband bought me!
That guys got no taste lol.
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there goes my chance of a relativly cheap set
That's the problem with ebay, the world and his dog will be after them PAH!
You could try sending the seller a message asking if he will accept an offer to end the auction early? Might give you the jump on all the Nutzers who are bound to be hovering around this one like a bunch of vultures... (I must admit, I was quite tempted myself!
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Yes thats what I thought too.

Caddie, yes I will be selling them at somepoint they are in my garage at work and I'm on leave until the 12th of April. If you want photos then I can get you some when I go back. Thats if you haven't sorted anything out by then.

I have black MX5 mats in my Mk2 right now. They look ok but want to try and remove any MX5 evidence from her. Not that there is much. I just prefer the Roadster theme.
That'll be great Dinky Toy, will let you know if by some great struck of luck I find some chequered one's in the mean time.

Think the sellers going to let the auction run, he had put these in a box for the tip and didn't realise how rare they were until he answered my wanted add on the oc forum, he was asking for offers and I thought another forum member had bet me to it so never bothered making an offer
. Turns out that he got loads of messages about them so decided to put them on Ebay as he realised they were worth a bit if money. What a muppet I am !!!!!!
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Are they that sought after? Ive owned Four Mk1s now, three of them being imports, and each one of them has come with Chequered mats bar the Uk car.
they are not rare, just dont come up for sale very often.

im happy with the grey ones i just bought off damien,now they really are rare!

i like them but you can bet they will sell for ?50+ which is silly money really
Well I've been looking for some for months now with no luck, they seem to be sought after to me, maybe I'll have to import a five keep the mats and sell the car on

Can't even get hold of any normal black roadster mats. It's doing my head in.
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... I have some old furry roadster mats.

Would need to see what condition they are in first before i promised them to anyone.

But a few years back at an old breakers of Jap cars i spotted some chequered mats lying in a pool of water in the foot well of a scrapped five. Didnt think anything of them at the time but now i wish i got them.
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