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Check Your Insurance Now

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hi all, been too busy with my new job to post on here for a while but i think you might be interested in the following.

as some of you know i recently closed my bodyshop and got a job as a motor insurance engineer, over the last 3 weeks one thing that has got my attention is the fact most insurance companys are not paying out for modifications on there policy holders cars (a different matter if its a third party case as they can claim it back).

please check that you are covered for all your mods, and then check the cover you have, a lot of companys are only covering you for the road risk involved with your mods and not the replacment or repair of the items you have fitted.

if you were to have a accident that was not your fault then it is likely the insurer would pay out on the claim but only putting the car back to standard specification.

also those that choose not to declare the mods they have should be aware that when engineers inspect any damaged car a note of modifications is made and cheked aginst the policy. if there is a discrepency the it is passed directly to the fraud dept for investigation.
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Yes I agree, it is exactly one of the reasons I went with Sky this year as they offered like for like replacement if any damage occurred to the car. AON wouldn't do it.

It wasn't the cheapest quote I got but I felt it important with the amount of exterior and performance modifications on my car. At least I know my car will be restored to her former glory if anything happens to her.
It's what I always ask. My policy with A-Plan covers all my mods on a like for like basis.

I wonder if they would try and offer an ebay "electric supercharger" instead of the proper BRP MP62 unit I currently have?

But it's still a supercharger Sir!
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It's what I always ask. My policy with A-Plan covers all my mods on a like for like basis.
Hmm, A-Plan don't cover my mods "Like for Like". Though they didn't up my premium every time I added something.
I'll be asking about that in September
my insurance only covers mazda products, such as hardtop and extras from mazda. it sucks but alot of insurers dont cover mods these days
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