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Change Rear Wheel Hubs?

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Been needing to do this & wondering what the process is...

One way I could do it is to change the whole rear end, but that's quite a bit of work... hehe

Have a donor car with all the bits...

Or... take off one of the propshafts from the diff... remove the wishbone bolts & move that section across...

Am I missing something really obvious?

Having trouble getting the prop-shaft nut off the donor car because there's nothing attached to the diff and no way to brace it to stop it from turning...
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I'm not clear what you're trying to do. If you need to split the 1/2 shaft from the hub then its a hard job and really needs to be done on the car to get the required torque applied. I got a garage to do it.

If you are swapping the hubs and 1/2 shafts then I did this last weekend, its pretty easy

  1. Loosen wheel nuts, chock front wheels, jack up car and put on stands
  2. Remove wheel
  3. Undo lower brake caliper bolt and then remove the caliper, rest on the wishbone. THe pads will probably fall out but this is OK, just remember which side is which
  4. Remove brake disk
  5. There are 2 bolts that hold the hub to the two wishbones, one at the top and one at the bottom. Plusgas the hell out of them. The bottom bolt passes through the lower wishbone twice and sliding it out will be apain. Plusgas the whole of the bolt to make it easier
  6. Have a cup of tea
  7. Undo the bolts and push them out of the wishbones. The bottom one was a PITA and had a mate wiggling it using a ratchet while I was hitting the other end with a hammer. I put another piece of metal over the end of the bolt to prevent it frmo being deformed by the hammer blows
  8. Eventually you'll be able to push/work it free
  9. If its a non-LSD car then undo the bolts on the diff end of the shaft now, before doing the top bolt
  10. Remove the top wishbone bolt
  11. Remove the shaft and hub. If its a LSD you'll need to help the shaft out of the diff with a lever or two. DO NOT PULL THE SHAFT OUT BY THE HUB! This will simply separate the hub from the shaft at the CV joint. Not a good idea
  12. If its an LSD, offer up the new shaft, rotate slightly until the splines slide into the housing and then use the hub to force the shaft home
  13. Re-assemble and torque properly
  14. Job done
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