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Car Of The Month ???

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I love looking at piccy's of 5's that are either having work done to them or polished and shown in interesting places. I know there is a members' rides section, but what about having a gallery which we can immediately access just good photos of cars- its quite time consuming searching through threads looking for inspiration and entertainment.
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Perhaps we could have a banner at the top of the forum next to the logo featuring a good photo from a members car that changes each month?
Or a pic only thread, no responses or comments or questions allowed or will be deleted
Good ideas me thinks
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Like the Dope Sh*tzzz! thread on but just for 5's? Sounds good to me!
like blu-pr!nt/JDY motorsport's porn thread?

it's almost like it's already been done....
Yeah- we are on the right track. No comments or specs - just pictures. We can check the guy's or gal's home page if we want to find out more. Would have thought it could be easily set-up. Possible category area too - Exterior -Interior- it's all been done before, but it would be great on here. There are some bloody excellent photographers on here! (and cars).
Yep, got to agree with that for an idea, would be good for a bit of inspiration.
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