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MX-5 NB2 1.6 Rotrex 30-74 [email protected]
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You know when you want to make a nice modification, and end up making it much worse? I have done that (a couple of times), but this time i am having a challenge solving it

I drive my NB2 1.6 2001 all year round, so of course seat heating had to be installed for the cold months. After installation I start the car, and immediately notice something

Power for seat heating was taken from the cigarette lighter.

So now there are 2 things that don't work as before.

1. the instrumentation does not light up
2. the buzzer sound when you have
forgotten to turn off the headlights and open the door, does not say anything anymore.

I have checked all the fuses, changed the dimmer switch, checked relays, checked ground connection in the cables for the light dimming switch, had the seat heating and radio switched off.

I have afterwards found out that if I put a bridge between the red/grey and red/black in the dimmer switch, I get life in the instrumentation, but then the light from the climate control disappears. (View photos)

Hope someone can point me in the right direction.

Speedometer Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Odometer

with jumper between red/black and red/grey wires from dimmer (dash lights up, but not HVAC)

Speedometer Motor vehicle Gear shift Vehicle Steering part

without jumper in wires (HVAC lights up, but cluster does not)

Finger Cable Gadget Sleeve Electronic device

The wires that are being jumped
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