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Calliper Conundrum

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Ok I'm aware that rear callipers on 5's have a nasty habit of seizing though mine is behaving in an odd manner.

Basically any time I apply the brake (esspecially heavily) the car with try to turn left like it is rotating around the rear passenger wheel.

I've also noticed that at the start of a journey when taking the handbrake off and then pulling forward it makes a noise like the pad material has been torn from its static point on the disc.

I'm guessing the problem is either:

1. Uneven pads
2. Buggered calliper (needs regreasing or replacing)
3. ???

A little help towards this would be appreciated, cheers!
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sometimes the handbrake seizes ON to, so that might be the problem
Unfortunatly it's not

Just had it in the air and the handbrakes letting go fine. Each of the pads have 6mm of material left and i've redone the adjustment so i know they're both equal. This has helped slightly but at motorway speeds it's still pulling.

I did however notice that the drivers side calliper is missing the 'm' spring. I've never dealt with mx5 brakes before so could this be a problem?
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I would whip the caliper off and have a look to see if its seized or damaged etc

If you need another I might have one knocking around you can have..

have you checked the fronts? when you're looking at seized calipers, don't direct your attention to the side that's locking, focus on the side that's not.

check sliders primarily, then pistons. if you don't have the M springs on the back (1.6s only have 1 per side) you may find the pads crack off. mine do it when the disc's been wet and my brakes are fine.

slider pins should be bright, shiny and well greased. if they're not, they want replacing.
Cheers for the advice guys, didnt get a chance to look at the fronts however after regreasing and adjusting the rears the problem doesn't rear its head unless the brakes are cooking. Then I get a noise indicating a slightly warped disk so thats next on the list!

Just one more, are 1.8 rear callipers supposed to have 2 m springs each?
Just one more, are 1.8 rear callipers supposed to have 2 m springs each?
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