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Hello All, today I picked up my new MX5, being my fathers MK2 which I will post up on a members ride thread soon.

When getting his spare set of keys out to check I noticed a Laserline remote fob on them, I asked if it works and he wasn't sure never having tried it.....
I put a new battery in it and hey'presto remote central locking!


When the car is locked it chirps 3 times, which the handbook suggests is due to a door not being closed, I made sure all the door and bonnet switches were free by going round one by one and holding it down to see if it isn't working as it should.

I whittled it down to being the bonnet switch, it is a little brittle and could do with replacing.. does anyone know if spares can be bought for them or is there anyother switch I can use in its place?

For the time being I have used tape to keep the switch under contact making the system think the bonnet is closed so it doesn't sound the alarm, the car now locks by the remote fine, but i'd like to ideally have the bonnet alarmed also.

Thanks, Drew.
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