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Hi all, I figured that as this is going to be a long project, I might as well start a project page to detail the process along the way. Don’t expect it to be fast paced, I can see this taking quite a while given some of the things needed.

A bit of background if you’ve not seen my intro post. I’ve recently found myself the owner of a sort of barn find 1992 SE version mk1. It’s sort of a barn find because it’s been in my barn for 7 years as it belonged to my little brother who had to park it off road as it needed the sills doing and he planned to do some upgrades at the same time.

As projects often do, it slipped when he had kids and it just sat there for years. Very sadly, during the first lockdown last year, my little brother took his own life. It’s taken a year for me to get round to the Mazda and I’d like to bring it back to life as something to hold on to that was his as I have lovely memories of driving places in it with him.

As you can imagine after 7 years in a barn, it’s going to need a fair bit of work. Most immediately, I’ve found that mice have eaten into the wiring so most of the wires under the bonnet are damaged. I need to pick up a loom and try to replace all the various bits under there, hoping it will mostly be a case of unplugging and replugging the various sections. At the same time, I want to remove the alarm/immobiliser because the fob no longer works and I hate alarms anyway. He had a new set of shocks waiting to go on along with a full set of poly bushes.

If I can get the car running by sorting the wiring loom, then it would probably be a case of pulling off the shocks, brakes, wishbones and subframes. Blast and paint the frames and wishbones, replace all the bushes, fit new shocks and then refurb the callipers and might as well fit 1.8 size new discs and pads. Oh and new tyres because they’ve perished.

Cosmetically the car is in reasonable shape, the interior, despite a bit of surface mould on the seat should come up with a decent scrub some leather treatment and the hood needs a new zip out window section.

I’m expecting this to be a long process and, while it’s not ‘money no object’, I’m not trying to make a profit because I plan to keep it long term and just get it to a point where I can enjoy driving it on nice days and perhaps the odd track day and keep it going in my brother’s memory because he loved it.

I also know that I’m bound to uncover more things that need doing once I get started. I’m sure I’ll be in need to lots of advice along the way.

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Ok, so I seem to officially have a project. Today I went out with the shop vac and removed years of mouse nests, dust, cobwebs, nuts and straw from the engine bay and gave it a good brush over. I can now see just how much of the loom has been nibbled away.

Last time my brother came down, he found the mice had eaten the HT leads so bought some more and those were stored on the shelf. Unfortunately, he didn’t stuff anything into the plug wells and they were full of solid corrosion. Took me two hours with a screwdriver steadily chipping away at it then blowing the bits out with the compressor and vaccuuming them away before I could get a socket on it and gradually get them all loose. I’ve left them in for now and have shoved shop towel into the wells to keep them clean. Also had to take the air filter and shroud off to get to worst of the mouse debris so shoved some shop towel into the air intake so stop anything getting in there too.

Once that was done I cleared out the boot, took out the carpet and gave that a good brush and vacuum. Theres a bit of light rust where the battery goes and where the jack is stored but it’s fairly surface and I’ll add that to the list of work as it’ll need wire brushing, treatment and then some sort of paint or sealant before the carpet goes back.

A quick vacuum through the inside and that was the car done for today so I put some spare shelves in the barn behind the car so I can start storing bits for it until they’re needed. I have another set of shelves to bring in from the other barn which has all the spares he’d bought on them so they can all come to one place.

The next job would seem to be trying to find a replacement engine bay loom for a '92 1.6 SE with anti lock brakes. I called Autolink and they said that looms are so different from model to model you really need to find exactly the same model to get a loom from which sounds like it could be a tough call. Anyone have thoughts on whether that’s true or would most mk1 looks be fairly similar?

As always, pictures:

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