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Brake Seals

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Hi everyone. Can anyone help!!!,the Brake on the front offside of my mrk2 is binding and getting realy realy hot so does anyone know the best way to free it up, also how easy is it to replace the seals???,I have done the rear calliper by moving it in and out & spaying the piston with WC40 wich seamed to have worked but need a better fix.also need to nkow the best place to buy the seal kits.Thanks Chaps & Chappesses,Birdishere.
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If the piston's sticking it's probably corroded. You can try to free it up by pumping it in and out a few times but it'll happen again sooner or later. You need to rebuild or replace the caliper.

Spraying it with WD40 won't do anything

Autolink were the cheapest place for rebuild kits when I was looking
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I had the same thing with mine recently, same side. I did what is suggested above to free it off, ie. push it back and then pump it out a few times (I put a bit of brake fluid inside the seal around the piston as well) but that was just a temporary fix until I could replace the caliper. I got a second hand one from autolink, which was 'tested and guaranteed good' for ?30 plus delivery and VAT, I fitted it in about 15 minutes and the job's a good 'un! As the previous poster says, more than likely the reason it's sticking will be because the piston is pitted and has rusted, you can replace the piston and seals (I've seen a guide somewhere, it's definitely in the Rod Grainger book) for about ?30 quid or so but you'd be as well off with a second hand caliper. You can also get a remanufactured one from autolink for about ?70 plus your old one.
Forgot to say that mine's a MK1 1.8 so the same caliper as yours.
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