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This is more a rant than anything..

My car has been sweating oil from the oil drain gasket for a while. So I thought it be about time to sort it.

Removed old gasket put new one on.. but upon tightening up the bolt's I noticed the pipe was almost touching the manifold (Greedy manifold)

so.. I thought I bend the oil drain slightly over..

Job done.. well I thought so anyway..

on my way to the post office.. and smoke pours in.. I'm thinking ball crap shit..

pull over and low and behold its come out of the oil drain where the gasket is..

burn my self in the process of removing and putting back together.. same shit happens again.. So I limp home with oil dripping

In anger I cut the oil drain pipe.. undid the 2 bolts holding it and have a closer look.. As I thought when bending it may of caused it to split...

As you can see below.. the bloody thing bent at the flange.. causing it not to have a flat surface..

FUUUUCCCCKKKK... in the process I also undone the C-Clamp holding the CHRA to the exhuast housing and WD40 all over it.. and whacked it a few times to spin it around. As the CHRA had moved over time causing the oil drain to pretty much touch the manifold.

It seems to be a issues with td04 if the C-Clamp is not tight enough.

You can see the slight bow in the middle!!!

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