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Bbs Alloy 14 Inch!

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Desperatly seeking the above, just need the one in any condition near to surrey. for a mk1 eunos

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I have 3 E30 BMW BBS 14" wheels going spare that you can have if you can have all 3 for, say, ?20?

The story behind them being that my mate had them for ages after he sold his BMW so I said I'd take them off his hands, refurb them and stick them on my MX but somehow he's managed to lose 1 wheel (hence only having 3) and I kinda lost interest in the idea.

As far as I'm aware they're nice and straight and there was no major curb rash but I think all the tyres are shot (and they were cheapie budget ones anyway). Only thing is I did get as far as putting the paint stripper on before he told me he couldn't track down the fourth one so you'd need to carry on with this and repaint.

Not sure if these are what you're after but I'm only in Basildon, Essex so not a million miles away from you.
ive got a set with brand new falken tyres on, pretty good condition with all the center caps center cap tool and bbs valves

bump! just looking for the one please!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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