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Anyone Know A Uk Seller Of Lc-1 Wideband?

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Anyone know a UK seller of LC-1 Wideband?

Ive searched on the net - Only found one Uk supplier who is away for a week or so on holiday (ebay seller)

The rest seem to be in the states

Anyone know a uk supplier?

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I'd look elsewhere for a Wideband sensor - seem to be a fair few reported issues with Innovate...

Ive had LC-1 Innovate before so know how to use it,thats the reason im giving them another go

but open to suggestions for other ones AEM perhaps?

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Had a Tech Edge WB on the old FM2 car, never had a single problem from it.
Think Blackbullet had one on his FM2 turbo aswell, no probs reported there either.

But more cost than the innovate, but money well spent me thinks.
What about Zeitronix? Only heard good things (so far) about them.
I was only looking to get the Innovate LC1 as I know how to wire it up easily.

As long as the wideband works and is user friendly then any will do.

Id like one asap so might just decide later and order online today

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Ive bought an AEM unit

see how they compare.

they use the same sensor as Innovate version

will do a write up once ive got it.

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AEM wideband is brilliant.

Easier to wire than LC-1 and the gauge is Fab
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what makes it easier to wire if you dont mind me asking ?
Hi Skuzzle
the AEM one has the sensor wire harnedd and the power harness going into the back of the gauge.

then its just a case of wiring the +ve, -ve, and Wideband feed to ECU.

Whereas the innovative gauge has its own set of wires which need connecting to the power for the LC1 unit.
So there is in effect twice as many wires to wire up.

the AEM unit is more user friendly with more plug n play connections rather than bare wires.
That should read Harness sorry
Yeah I'm building a DIYPNP for Juicy and he has an AEM, I've just fed 12v GND and O2 signal to the spare DB15, dead easy.

The LC-1 is trickier but only because of the reset button & LED IMO.
Yes Richy thats true but to wire in a gauge to the LC1 there is also another 4 or 5 wires to add.

the AEM gauge is easier to wire in as its the 'heart' of the system and has the proper connectors into it.

no faffing of extra single wires to power it up etc.

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