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Anyone Got Any Use For Bbs Centre Caps?

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Right, it seems I have lost one of my centre caps from my BBS alloys, must have fallen off when I've been out driving - it was on the wheel from which a puncture was recently repaired, and it had disappeared by this morning as I arrived at work.

I won't be replacing it, as I'm not really that bothered about it anyway.

I tried removing one of the others earlier, but the BBS cap came off without the bit that joins onto the wheel - I am sure that can be easily repaired.

The other two are fine, and I'll be trying to remove these at the weekend.

They aren't in perfect condition by any means, but I'm sure they can be cleaned up nicely enough.

If anyone has any use for them, let me know, all I'd want is the postage to be covered.

Sorry mods if this is in the wrong section, but I put it here because its not really my intention to sell them, and they might get more coverage in here.

BTW they are from 15" BBS alloys from a Mk1 RS.
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They are like gold, mate.

Very community spirited of you to virtually give them away.
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