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Ana Roadster

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It's been a long old project and I've many photos to include whilst I write up but to begin with, the almost finished article, with much more to do (is a car ever really finished). Excuse the lack of artistic flair in the following photos, I've not long had the car back from paint and not had much time to get it out due to issues with my relay.....






--When I bought her--
She is originally a '91 import that had a 1.6 short nose engine, it was in white from the factory, however the previous owner/s had resprayed it with rattle cans in MG yellow, which had become flaky. This is where the name Ana came from (50 shades of yellow...) and it's stuck ever since.

I had plans for her, being my third MX-5, I knew the first steps were the preventative maintenance tasks, rust and all the other boring bits.

--Work completed so far--
  • Both sills repaired professionally by Unit 14 Autoworks in Saltash
  • Bare metal complete exterior respray including door shuts and inside doors by Hoggy's paint shop in Plymouth
  • Rear GV panel fitted and sprayed by Hoggy's paint shop in Plymouth
  • 1.8 VVT engine swap with working VVT by Unit 14 Autoworks in Saltash
    • MS3 Mini ECU
    • Stock NB2 ancillaries with NA 1.8 alternator
    • Stock NB2 injectors & coils
    • BOFI lightened 1.6 clutch @ 3.3KG with new OEM 1.6 clutch
    • Walbro 255LPH fuel pump, new filters
    • Derusted and resealed fuel tank
    • Toyosports 4-2-1 manifold modified to mate up to NA exhaust
  • Meister R Zeta CRD coil overs fitted
  • Autostar Geo 8.5j wheels
  • Michelin PilotSport 3 tyres
  • Hyperflash bypass on flasher relay
  • Crappy Sony stereo fitted, to be replaced
  • New mohair top fitted by South West Roadsters in North Devon
  • MX-5 parts dual exit backbox fitted
  • MX-5 parts de-cat box (not used on public road)
  • RX-7 80a main relay fitted to replace NA main relay
  • New after market passenger electric window mechanism and motor
  • Install Ground Zero audio amplifier
  • New door speakers
  • MOT
  • Coolant leak Power Steering Fluid leak
  • Re-wire fuel pump onto separate relay to spread load and heat - Decided not worth doing unless putting car under heavy loads often.
  • ITBs and more tuning - Idea shelved for now in favour of just some cheap fun.
  • Repair hard top and repaint - Managed to buy an almost brand new silver mk2 hardtop last summer, plan is to get it wrapped but not sure if its going on this car or the NB yet.
  • Make new bonnet stay as current one doesnt fit around VVT engine cross over pipe - Fitted gas struts instead!
  • Measure main relay temp difference on NA relay to FD relay - Can't be bothered, nothing much to be gained from this research anymore.
  • Fit weather strips (might buy new ones but pricey at £90 a pair) - bought good used ones, still want new ones though
  • Might need a new chassis rail on drivers side, as caved in and rusted in places including double skinned part at front. cosmetic and not structural, so I've been told
  • Alter suspension ride height done..nothing! Seems to be great as it is out of the box.
  • Fit proper rollbar - Caged Lazer, it didn't actually fit well, but I'm not convinced that it was their fault, my car continues to be a bag of mysteries.
--Work to be completed--
  • New Android head unit
  • New steering wheel
  • Fit shorty console (still half sanded off 3D printer) - Fitted but not finished :p
  • Procure complete red interior.....
  • Fix leak in boot - half fixed - had a loose aerial, hole in my gv panel light seal. Found some more moisture but I think it's condensation.

That's all for now folks :)
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One could say I have the worst luck with cars

Took the clutch assembly apart yesterday and as expected, the flywheel had a blued hotspot on it and the clutch pressure plate was hot spotted quite badly:

Wheel Automotive tire Alloy wheel Motor vehicle Tire

As the new flywheel was going in, wasn't too fussed about that as it was headed for the bin.
Gave the pressure plate a rub down with a contour pad and the clutch had a rub down too by Mark and he was happy with the condition of it. Remarked about how frayed it was at the edges but expected this might have been poor quality control and wouldn't affect use.

He also remarked at how hot everything was on the drive train, hotter for longer than normal and gave him cause for concern.

Re-assembled everything by the book, including doing the gearbox and ppf alignment properly, as was done last time.

I backed it off the ramp myself this time and took it for a spin, all sorted and happy days. Money well spent.

Until I drove 15 mins away and the issue was back, normal driving conditions, not riding the clutch, no launches, no high revs and gentle changes.

Something else is wrong, perhaps it's heat related given the remarks about how hot the drive train gets apparently. Watch this space.
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No further forward yet, no one knows whats wrong with my drive train, but given we identified really horrendous lash in my diff, I have sourced a new diff to go on (a type 2 Torsen, 3.9 ratio for £250! don't say bargains don't exist anymore :p ) and am waiting on a few pieces of the puzzle to get that fitted.

Wood Automotive tire Tints and shades Bicycle part Metal
Wood Gas Automotive tire Auto part Automotive wheel system

Meanwhile I am on the hunt for a mk2 5 speed to go in, I think I have found one and am just waiting for the final details to arrange collection.

I am yet to decide if I should replace the clutch again entirely (at an eye watering cost of £360 now plus cost of clutch release etc for good measure) or to take it all apart for a 3rd time, clean it up and put it back together with the new gearbox and diff added to the equation. Truly, honestly, and utterly depressing.

Advice given to me by multiple people is to drive the car and bed the clutch in, the juddering is getting no better or worse though - noticed the car shakes so much when pulling away/reversing that it clatters the intercooler in the engine bay which is nice.
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Diff install on Sunday. Might do gearbox and clutch too, not decided yet.
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Too late to order a new clutch now, no reply from Jayk as to whether he has enough time to help me with the gearbox at the same time lol
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I dun fucked up, new diff on, ppf back on and prop in

I smashed all the torque through the small ppf bolt as my torque wrench locking nut slipped and I hadn't realised so upwards of 150nm, smol bolt went tighty loosey
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For my benefit tomorrow, remaining to-do list

productive lunch break and after work session

Both drive shafts in, first one was a complete bastard to get in, second one went into the diff like a hot knife through butter. Both were an absolute pig to get into the hubs. But my newly acquired 29mm socket and the bastard hammer, helped me bang the hub over the shaft.

I really hope this diff works, because its been a lot of work to get to this point, for what should have been a straight forward job.
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