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Am I Missing Anything?

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Can anyone please tell me if this is the standard stereo loom set up for a UK MK 2?

Checking the ISO loom converters on Ebay, it seems that the MX-5 ones that would fit the white plug actually have two white plugs, whereas my set up only has one.

Link to ebay loom:
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It should be back there somewhere, the other loom is just for rear speakers.

That said if yours isnt wired for headrest speakers or a wind blocker then you wouldn't need the second white one.

That white one has the power and the front speakers on it.

Yep the second connector is just for rear speakers which are not fitted to mk2s.

And I got that exact same adaptor and it works fine.
Now would be a good time to run some rear speaker wiring though - save undoing everything again later on
Now would be a good time to run some rear speaker wiring though - save undoing everything again later on
Agreed......If you havn`t got one, the rear windblocker with speakers is a worthwhile mod IMO
Alternatvly do the cheaper thing and cut the headrest speakers into your headrests
. You will have left and right the right way around too
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Great info, thanks all.

Taking the headunit out later on won't be a problem if I do decide to fit rear speakers then.

Seeing as you all were so helpful, can anyone let me know the following:

I'm assuming the black plug on the right of the above picture is for the powered aerial? If so, how do I get this to work with an aftermarket head unit, again, I'm assuming it's not a standard plug?
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No it's the earth for some reason best known to mazda there is a separate earth rather than being built into the connector. There is a separate wire on the adaptor. The leccy aerial is part of the din arrangement so is plug and play.
A little diagram to help visualise.

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Awesome, thanks very much.

Forgive the noob question, but I'm assuming without earthing that separate earth cable, my head unit isn't going to work? If so, perhaps some sort of scotchlock arrangement on that cable and a makeshift earth connection will do the job?

Re the rationale behind separate earth cable, would it be reduce interference between the earth and the speaker signal cables?
Either connect/splice the black wire on the adaptor to the one on the car or ground the adaptor wire independently.But yeah it will have to be earthed to work, but the adaptor will take care of the rest.
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Great, I'll give it a go tomorrow morning and see if I can get it working then.
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Easiest would be a cut and crimp/solder solution. Safest also
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