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Alloy Wheel Centre Caps

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Hey guys.

I've got revolution alloys that need some little centre caps to go over the disk bolt. The holes roughly measure 60mm across.

Anyone know where I I can get some sort of push in caps? Or if anyone has something?

Something plain to paint would be nice. Had a look on eBay but everything seems to be abit smaller..
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I think i have what you need.... will need to have a hunt around... gimme a bit...
Just checked, the ones I have spare are 63mm
Ooo think I mite have a go at those blank ones to start.

Cheers boys!
They're the ones i have, i have 2 sets which both don't fit, just be sure to check, check and triple check your sizes as the seller never responded to any of my emails...
oh rite. Were they too big or too small?
Too big, I gave up in the end as had no joy with the seller...
hmm. my revolution's from the inside of the hole to the other are 60mm, but just sounds abit big to me..

How much would you want for a set?
ive got a set of these for a fiver posted if you want 60mm

60mm centre caps
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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