Hello guys,
I hope it is ok to create a group buy for one of my products here, I still remember how few of already well known businesses started here this way :)

I would like to offer for members of mx-5nutz groupbuy for my lexan spoilers.

product describtion:

- made out of 6mm thick CNC machined poly-carbonate

- machined pocket for rubber seal so it sits flush with spoiler which is great for smoother air flow transition between boot lid and spoiler

- includes all hardware needed for installation

- light weight

- adjustable struts to adjust angle of attack on track – you can quickly change balance of car on track

- two options to choose from: black tinted or clear poly-carbonate

- maintain good rear visibility with both black tinted and clear variants

- tested for more than 1 year on my race car with great results - won my category (race cars unlimited) and finished 3rd overall (1st and 2nd was radical SR4). total of about 150cars participated.

I will let this run here till I get a minimum of 5 people interested to buy.
Then I will send information for payment to those people interesed and will put spoilers together and prepare them for shipment 2-3weeks from when I have 5 people on list.
While this time I will still accept people getting in this group buy. Group buy will end when I have all spoilers ready (so 2-3weeks after I got 5 people on list)

PRICE FOR THIS GROUP BUY AND ONLY ON THIS FORUM IS 210€ SHIPPING INCLUDED TO ALL EU COUNTRIES ! You can choose clear or black tinted spoiler color - please write color choice next to your name on list bellow.

As most of people here are probably from UK I will ship at same price to UK as well, however you are responsible for any additional charges, duties customs etc.

If you are interested please write down your name into comment while retain ordering (please copy numbers bellow to your comment and write your name next to number. If there is someone ahead of you already please copy his comment with his name in it and add yours :) ) please write either clear or black tinted next to your name as option of spoiler color.


you can see pictures bellow and you can also check some video my friend prepared - spoiler mounted on his car.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me here or mail:

[email protected]