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A Few Bits For My New 5

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Just put a deposit down on a 96 s special type II

a couple of things have to go straight away so I'm after a few bits

need a gearknob to replace the 'retro' wooden one going on and also a steering wheel to replace same wooden nardi one! Anything considered

front offset number plate bracket

car comes with 4 15" Toyota r888s fitted that I don't really want on a road car, they are fitted to the standard 15" BBS wheels. Would consider swapping them as a whole if anyone was interested? I'm probably putting some of this in the wrong section but didn't want to spam the whole site.


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I've got these sat in my garage doing nothing. Make me an offer if you want.

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Thanks dinky, not really my style though.

Also need 1 15" BBS centre gap as one of them is broken

I am after a set of 888 tyres for my car and have the origonal momo steering wheel from a series 2 s special sat in my loft , also have a set of standard 15 inch toyos on my car at prescent.

Ian, what toyos are they? Proxes?

Can I have a picture of the steering wheel?

yes they are proxes 195 50 15 pm me your email address and I shall send you a picture of the wheel over .

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