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Good morning.
This is my 1.6NB modified toy.

The name 9K was inspired by the rev limit which is set for now at 8600 rpm.
More updates to come up soon,I am at a junction which road to follow up next....

The engine hasn't got any left standard parts apart from the block where I went overbore at 79mm.
As soon as I find time I will post all the specs from fender to fender.
It's running free of troubles 2 years now...
As with all modified engines and parts sh*t happens.
Will have to learn the forum layout to post pictures I have a tons of them from day one, and to use all its features.
Keep revving, Lewis.
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This is how it's now, pretty much standard, some Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 the necessary front lip, Wilwood 4 pot calipers, APR carbon fiber mirrors and the door stickers.
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Welcome to the forum, looks like a well developed car.

May I ask why you chose to use the 1.6 block instead of the 1.8 VVT?
Thanks for the welcome.At the time of rebuild,available 1.8 blocks weren't....available Basically in good state on things that can not be serviced.
So I sticked with what I had.
Apart from that I think that the 1.6 it's more rev happy or tolerant.
Very cool. :)
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Thanks! More bhp to come I hope!
Surprised you didn't go ITB.
On the way!! I am between my Rotrex C30-94 set up and the forthcoming itb setup.Hard decision!
Welcome to the forum, looks like a well developed car.

May I ask why you chose to use the 1.6 block instead of the 1.8 VVT?
Thanks for the welcome.At the time of rebuild,available 1.8 blocks weren't....available Basically in good state on things that can not be serviced.
So I sticked with what I had.
Apart from that I think that the 1.6 it's more rev happy or tolerant.
Look at the hummelink ITB kit, Nils is producing a really nice CNC manifold and sells the 4age itbs with them if you don't have them.
I have purchased the kit form him, without the itbs because they weren't available.
Have asked him when they will be available and he said soon at 15th of July.He said exactly the following.
"Thanks for your interest in our ITB kit.
It will be in stock again soon. A batch of throttlesbodies will arrive soon"
15 days after.....
Asked him 4 days ago and he never bothered answering.When I ask him he comes back 2 days later(not a problem) but he lacks answering the question just fouling around the subject.
Yesterday have asked him to refund me if he doesn't want to answer,haven't got a refund yet neither a response.
So not a big fan of his services.The opposite.

As a consumer i plan ahaid, to save money and time like anyone else does.I have asked him about availability because I am looking for ITB'S also.
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Good morning.I will start with the hardware of the cylinder head

Ported cylinder head from Sevdalis Superflow
Cat Cams,Part Number 3701258

Adjustable Toda Cam Gears
Mazdaspeed shim under bucket lifters ,Part Number MMD-B6N7-12-183
Heavy duty double valve springs with Titanium retainers ,Part Number SKU#: SPRK-MM16D2
Oversize Intake valves 1mm (Hi Flow)-oversize exhaust valves ,Part Number MAEVN-1102 και MAIVN-1102
Supertech valve stem seaks(they leak badly as I found out,changed them)
Bronze valve guides Miata Roadster
Cylinder head bolts from ARP,Part Number 218-4701
The valve seat got a new 3 angle valve job in a Serdi machine.
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Block specs.

Engine capacity 1.639lt
1mm overbore
Pistons from Supertech,Part Number P4-MA790-N1,CR: 10:1
Wiseco piston rings
Rods from Manley Part Number 14011-4
Main bearing bolts ARP,Part Number 218-5401
ACL rod bearing ,Part Number ACL-4B8351H-STD
ACL main bearings,Part Number ACL-5M8353H-STD
Boundary Engineering Stage II oil pump(used oem oil seal) with the billet backing plate.
ATI Harmonic Balancer Part Number,916885
Maruha Oil Pan Buffle Part Number,mar07102207
Mazdaspeed engine mounts
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Drinkware Liquid Tableware Barware Fluid

Material from the lifter boss had to be taken off in order to allow them to work, spin in a full revolution lol. They are hollow, blanks from catcams and work on tight LSA angle as ment for N/A power.
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Automotive tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Alloy wheel Rim

A better photo of the lifter bosses.
At the time buying them, they were the most extreme profile catcams had on their catalogue. I have seen recently that they launched something with more lift and duration.
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Transmission etc.

6spd gearbox from second gen NBFL
Torsen T2,4.1FGR(Will move on to a 4.78 shortly)
Flywheel ACT Part Number,600255 - ACT Flywheel - ProLite
Clutch disc ACT Part Number,ZM2-HDSS15-1020
Durable and friendly as the car is a daily also.
Had this on my previous set up and could hold launch from 7000 with 10psi of boost, never missed a bit.

Suspension components

Tein Monoflex Part Number,GSM64-FUSS1 7/5 spring rates
Silentblocks Energy Suspension full kit Part Number, 11.18102
Frame Rails
Mazdaspeed/Eibach anti roll sway bars
Adjustable end links from Racing Beat
Bauer extented lower ball joints
R package tie rod ends


Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 15x7
Toyo 888,205-50-15 Medium Compound


Wilwood 4 pot 280 mm
Hawk HP+ mainly
Standard rear discs Pagid RS
Braided lines all around


TR Lane GPD Roll Bar
Sparco Sprint seat with GSM Motorsport mounts
Schroth Profi 2 harness
Momo mod. 69 steering wheel


Maxim Works header Part Number,1100ZE001
The header has the thickness of Rizla blue tobacco papers!
The rest is custom made with Magnaflow catalytic converter Part Number 54956 and resonator Magnaflow(loud and proud)

Fuel delivery/ignition

Siemens Deka Fuel Injectors EV14 550cc
Walbro fuel pump 255 lph-HP
Toyota COP's
Skunk2 64mm throttle body for safety reasons mainly.


Vipec i88 with adaptor in the OEM harness plug(lots of work over here)
Zeitronix ZT-2
Dual wideband sensors for cylinder fuel bank trimming , EGT sensor, oil pressure sensor, oil temp sensor.
Some sensors feed the ECU for feedback and protection(low oil pressure i.e against rpm etc)


Big radiator from IL Motorsport,78°C thermostat with the appropriate coolant reroute
Mocal Thermostatic Sandwich plate 80°C
Setrab Oil Cooler Part Number,50-125-7612
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This is what you get when you bolt them together. Money or hardware packed up?
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Engine capacity 1.639lt
Would it not have been cheaper to start with a 1.8 block? Seems odd choice to overbore 1.6 when the 1.8 is better than it with no money spent, what am I missing?
Yes power wise the 1.840cc is better. But at the time as I have said above I couldn't get a good block... So I continued with the 1.6 engine.

And my plan is/was to add the supercharger so power wouldn't be a problem.The 1.6 stock block with 10psi of boost(my early days of tuning)gave me enough power back then. Predictable and fun to drive.
Apart from that I know that a 1.6 can go beyond 220 bhp N/A and I might investigate that route also.
No interest on longevety, just a "journey" to engine from a closer look as I am building it alone.
Knowledge comes through practise and errors and I am in that route.
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