Mazda Eunos Roadster 1992 imported to the UK in 1998.

Silverstone Silver with a watertight and clean black soft top, the plastic zip out screen isn't the best as the previous owner never unzipped it when lowering the top but it's still usable day or night. It is a very solid car that has had the sides replaced possibly 4 to 6 years ago though it's spent its time since in one garage or the other and only seeing light summer use with around 6000 miles added in the last 5 years. Can raise the car for a proper inspection if required.
The paintwork looks good from 6 paces and is all intact but has the odd little dink and scratch along with the odd run in the paint if you look very closely.

It has the 1.6 Long nose crank 115bhp when new, currently on 164,557kms (102,848 miles) though will increase slightly as the weather is fine. It starts and runs as it should though the MOT noted an oil leak that they believe is from the crank. I already have a new seal, cam belt and rocker cover seal to sort the leak but have no timeto do it personally and the garage is fully booked for the next six weeks. So will include those parts along with the locking tool and workshop manual with the sale.

Manual transmission with recent clutch and both master and slave cylinders replaced along with fresh Redline fluid in the transmission and differential.
The Gear selector/turret was rebuilt using Mazda parts around the same time.

Matching Falken tyres with less than 2000 mild miles on them.

Brakes in great condition, no abs and stops predictably with no pulling either way. One rear caliper was just replaced for the MOT along
with two new front hubs.

It has Bilstien sport dampers with lowered (20mm?) sport springs and has had various ball joints, bushes and hardware replaced. These work well and are quite compliant on the old lanes if the speed is kept down but on a decent b road it's comfortable with no strange feelings or noises.

Cobalt backbox and cat delete with a recent new downpipe along with new gaskets, bolts and realignment.

Interior is all black with the standard blue cloth seats, all original, still in great condition and even a broken old man like me can manage a few hours driving and still exit the car with some dignity. Electric windows both work though the passenger takes an extra second to raise. Air con doesn't work but everything
else electrically works as it should.

Three VDO gauges in the centre console for battery, oil temp and boost though only the battery is connected at present.
It has a Toad Alarm/Immobiliser with key and fob though I don't believe the alarm works just the immobiliser.

Kenwood USB/Bluetooth headunit with new Kenwood speakers in the headrests and Rockford Fosgate speakers with cup enclosures to protect them in the doors.

Original spare wheel and jack present along with a wheel brace that fits in the boot perfectly.
Black tonneau cover, garage cover, style bar (not fitted) and the original air box system included with the sale.

Further pictures are available here

List of Jobs done since my ownership.

June 2020 Purchased.

July 2020 Removed all flaps, inner arches and cleaned/scrubbed the underside. Removed any damaged, split or loose underseal
and made good to any surface rust and resealed the underside. This was all done in the middle of a hot summer so
the car was completely dry before being sealed underneath.

July 2020 New 3 piece clutch and new master cylinder and a turret/gear selector rebuild kit.

August 2020 Replace cam belt/tensioner, coolant flush, oil and filters, new crank and cam seals, water pump and thermostat.

October 2020 Replace downpipe, gaskets, nuts & bolts and a stainless steel d- cat being a pre '94 model.

November 2020 Clean arches, mudflaps and replace old/damaged clips, screws and bolts as required.

July 2021 Replace front ball joints, dust covers, track rod ends and strut lower buses, inspect and clean all others.

January 2022 Replace engine mounts for genuine Mazda parts.

June 2022 Oil change with Shell Helix.

May 2022 Replace transmission and differential fluid with Redline products.

July 2022 Replace front hubs, new rear offside caliper, adjust exhaust and MOT.

I'm only having to sell as my garage has unexpectedly gained an old Alfa and with an impending company van I have to sell. Feel free to contact me with any questions via [email protected], car located near Brands Hatch in Kent. £2000.