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4X4 5

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Yep, not the only one either although from what I can remember the owner of one of the other ones changed it back to 2WD cossie because the 4WD was spoiling his fun... which brings up the question, why go 4WD?

A bit of, erm, "surface rust" that could do with sorting on the chassis legs above the subframe but otherwise an interesting project for someone.
Give it 500 bhp and it would make an awesome dragster!

Tooootaaaalll Traaacttiiaaaaaaaaan!
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What a shite advert though....

Will be awesome when done!
This one used to be 4x4 but the owner put it back to RWD for personal preference.

Saw it at the last OC spring rally
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Went and had a few bits and bobs off this yesterday. In the end, due to little/no interest, he decided to break it. Would've been and absolute sleeper when finished and can't have really needed that much work if you were happy with a little fabrication.
He sold the engine for 2.5k or there abouts and is breaking the rest. Not a fat lot left tbf now tho.

Had the windblocker, seats, mk2 top mounts and all the gubbins off him.

Windblocker fitted nay bother to a mk1 with seatbelt brace for anyone thinking of fitting one. Just the same old buggeration due to no captive nuts. Doable tho.

back there tomorrow if anyone's after owt. All to go on ebay, but he's taking pretty good offers to save him the hassle at the moment. No goodies as far as I could see tho, but doors, mirrors, electric window mechs, any spares etc.
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