Looking for a good new home, my 2002 NBFL 1.8 Arizona, 83,000 miles.
Unfortunately, has to go, as I live within the proposed expansion for London ULEZ, which is due to come into effect August 2023.
I’ll apologise now for what is going to be a fairly lengthy ad. If you’re interested, it’s worth a read.

Bought by myself nearly six years ago after a looking at a lot of other NBFLs. This is my 3rd NB, so I knew pretty much exactly what I was looking for. The plan was to buy a good base car as a “keeper”, with a view to resolve any issues and keep it into retirement.
Being an Arizona, that means a black leather interior, a limited slip diff, big brakes, central locking, no sport bodykit (I’m not a fan) and no Billstein shocks (I’ve driven a sport and found the ride just a little too stiff).
I’ll break down the work done to it into three key areas:

We all know how prone to rust NBs are. The previous owner had already done both sills. I had MX5restorers near Eastbourne replace both front chassis legs and fully underseal the whole of the bottom of the car. The paint has started to scab a little on the rear lips, but otherwise, it’s basically good.

Nothing. I consider the 1.8 to be spot on for my needs. With the mods that I’ve done, it “feels” fast, so I’ve been more than happy to actually keep to the speed limits whilst smiling. It’s never been on track whilst I’ve owned it, and as the previous owners were a lovely old couple, chances are that they didn’t either.

  • Eibach lowering springs all-round. They were fitted by Wheels in Motion, such that they could also complete a full alignment whilst doing it
  • Engine bar strut brace from a Sport
  • K&N typhoon intake and Cobolt stainless-steel rear box. Doesn’t make any difference to it’s performance, but sure makes it sound good
  • Alpine single din bluetooth mechless head-unit, which allows me to connect my phone for streaming music and phone calls
  • Focal ISU200 component speakers. The main drivers are 8”, which is the biggest you can fit in an MX5 and is significantly larger than the ones fitted by Mazda. Let’s just say that they sound pretty damn good
  • New set of carpet mats
  • Aluminium pedal covers from MX5parts to replace the worn rubber ones
  • Chrome interior trim for the radio and air vent surrounds
  • The driver’s seat has had a “foamectomy”, to give a little more room underneath the steering wheel

Mechanically, apart from regular services, the only repairs that I’ve needed to do were the brakes on first buying it. It was given two new brake calipers.

Issues (it is after all 20 years old):
  • I’ve mentioned about the very light surface rust on the rear wheel lips
  • The heated seat doesn’t work on the driver’s seat
  • Comes with an aftermarket Cat. The real one was stolen nearly two years ago. That required a new cat, front pipe and centre pipe. It’s made it through two MOTs, so I assume that it’s OK.
I’m located in Sutton, Surrey.