First off, it's a non runner.
Its developed an electrical issue and I don't have the time or inclination to fix it.

Spec is as follows:
1995 Jap import 1.8 MX5 (NA)
DIY PNP Megasquirt 2
Tiny IOX expansion board
Mk2 engine (non VVT)
Flat top intake manifold (from a MK2.5)
550cc injectors
Coil on plug conversion (Genuine Denso coils)
Large ebay intercooler
Wideband O2 sensor (14 point 7 wideband controller, no gauge)
Electronic boost control solenoid
Kracken cast iron exhaust manifold
TD05 turbocharger
6 spd box
3" exhaust throughout
Removable Catalyst and "test pipe" (v banded for ease of removal and installation)
Coolant reroute
Uprated aluminium radiator
Fully Polybushed (SuperPro bushes except for antiroll bars which are white line bushes)
White line adjustable anti roll bars and bushes (front and rear)
Adjustable drop links (Front only)
Gaz Gold coilovers
AD08 tires
BBS alloys
TR Lane Roll bar
TR Lane harness bar
Wooden steering wheel
Automotive parking light Vehicle registration plate Vehicle Car Hood

Other than that it's fully stock.


Located in Staffordshire