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when I turn on the headlights the pop-up headlights elevate very promptly and the lights come on , as does the blue light on the dash .

But I am unable to turn the blue main beam off ( normally pushing / pulling the column switch does this )

1 ) Is there a relay that might be responsible for this fault ?

2) Could you tell me how to dis-assemble the steering cowling to get at the combination switch to see if a connection has come loose and can be tightened ?

3) Any other suggestions please ?

Thank you in advance

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removing the column shroud is just a few screws unless someone's been there with glue 馃槻

the stalks / combination switch can fail (I have one that is jeffed) - removal involves the shroud and steeringwheel to come off then a clamp loosened before sliding it from the column.

the stalks can be dismantled, I've not done this yet but its on my list...

^^ headlight relay stuff

^^ headlight wiring diagram (might have different colours but should give an idea....)

Rich. (not awake yet & halfway through first coffeeo_O)
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