Lots of accumulated 1993 1.8 Roadster stock parts I just want to go to somewhere they'll get used instead of filling my garage.
Collect from Hemel Hempstead.
Offer me a tenner for anything on here and I'll probably be more than glad, especially if you want something big and heavy.

Cam cover
Chrome "acorn" cam cover bolts
Cylinder head
Short block
Inlet manifold
Fuel pump
Fuel rail
Oil pressure sensor
Instrument panel
Lights/wiper stalks
Window switches
Crank pulley/damper
Power steering pump
PAS high pressure hoses
Plus lots more brackets/pipes/bolts etc. Feel free to ask if there's anything you want that's not listed, I may have one. Unless it's an alternator, sorry.

The engine, by the way, is 190k miles, was running well but using oil. Sat under a sheet for a decade waiting for a rebuild I'll never get around to.