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1991 Na From Singapore

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Hi all,

Thought I will post an intro here since lurking in 3Q2009. Details of my ride can be found in my signature. Only owned it for close to a year but have spent lots of $$$ and time to set it up the way I like.

Was S/Ced previously but back to N/A due to the strict laws against vehicle modifications in my country which is a hefty fine with a jail term! Am nearly done with all suspension and engine mods and now focusing on some simple exterior mods to differentiate it from other Miatas on the road

Absolutely love the Miata and looking at more great years ahead with this future-classic-to-be sportscar!
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hi owm,

nice looking car. Got a pic of the front of the car? Front bumper looks interesting.

welcome to the forum.
great colour welcome
Nice colour, nice seats, nice car.
Thanks guys for the warm welcome! You all are fortunate to have lots of roads suitable for driving the MX-5 through

Hi Allan,

Unfortunately I don't have a full shot of the front. Let me get one and post it up. The bumper is actually stock and there is a cut-out ala RS Aizawa to take in more air.
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