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For sale
I’ve just had my insurance renewal in the post and I haven’t actually used the car in the last year so I should probably sell it although every time I drive it I change my mind.

I put a new battery in it on Sunday and it started first time and took It for a drive with no issues, just a big smile. It's one of the most enjoyable cars I’ve ever driven.
I bought this from someone that had modified it for track use and he said it was totally reliable. I’ve had if for 5 years and just used it on the road.

1990 UK MK1 MAZDA MX5 - 5 speed manual - 128,500 miles - no PAS - no ABS

Good bits

12 months Mot
Mk2.5 1.8 VVT engine fitted which produced 160bhp on Blink motorsports Dyno. Engine had 54k on it and it’s done 25k since being fitted.
LSD, 4.3 (you can have the original open diff if it’s still in the shed)
Megasquirt 2 enhanced ECU with added DIY auto tune VVT tuner
Innovate mtx wideband gauge
Japanese RSR 4-1 exhaust manifold
Custom 2.25” stainless exhaust system
R-Speed monster flow air intake
F1 Chromalloy lightweight flywheel
Larger alloy radiator
Meister R coilover adjustable shocks
TR lane GPD roll bar
Racing Beat adjustable drop links
15” OZ superlegerra Wheels with yokohama ado8r tyres
Roddison motorsport brake pads all around
JK composites GT seats with padding and on custom seat mounts
Shroth 4 point ASM harness
Williams 4 point harness
330mm Sparco alcantara Steering wheels
JVC stereo
There are a few other bits that and probably a couple of other things I’ve forgotten

Not so good

The paintwork is quite poor and one of the sills is rusty. some of the paint was peeling off so I painted patches in last year and didn’t use enough top coat so it does not match well. I didn’t paint over the rusty bits as I wasn’t trying to hide anything.

Hood is in good condition but the zip does not work so the window can’t be closed.

The VVT on the engine never worked since the engine swap but it’s never bothered me and makes great power and does not let up until the red line and sounds really good. I would not want to drive a mk1 with less power.
When the weather gets wintery it can be a bit difficult to start.

£3500 ono


VVT swapped NA & TD04 turbo NB
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Sorry for this random question but you'd be so helping me massively... I dont suppose you would share your map from the car with me? I have a VVT converted mk1 also with a MS3 and I just want to sanity check some values on warm up enrichment and cranking ignition tables...
dont ask dont get right? :p

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My computer has given up so I can’t connect, sorry. It’s been a while since I looked but i think I found info on that stuff on that huge vvt thread on the American forum.
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