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1.8 Diff Needed Urgent

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I have recently replaced my 1.6 diff with a 1.8 diff and drive shaft and half shafts. This one has failed after about a week and left my locked up in the middle of a very busy road not being able to move the car anywhere!

So I need a replacement urgent as I havnt got a working car at the moment. I would like it to have done as little millage as possible and in excellent condition as I dont want to risk having to replace it again any time soon.

PM me with an offer, I am based in South Yorkshire so can travel some distance but will pay for postage also. Can I stress it needs to be in excellent condition or as good as. Bit annoyed at the last replacement only lasting a week!
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I have one recently pulled out of my car (Mk1 1.8 80.000Km on clock, 1 previous owner from new, FSH)replaced with LSD.
Unfortunately it is in Hungary...


Just sold my complete scrap car 1.8 rear subframe with everything on to typertony, he isn't gonna be using the diff, give him a message. It's out of a fine running mk1, 96,000
We've got a 1.8 diff. I just need to pull the half shafts out of it. South Yorkshire too.....

It came off a UK 1.8, M reg I think. Not sure on mileage, but the general consensus is that the 1.8s are bullet proof up to stupid torque levels. You'd be srsly unlucky to have another fail regardless of mileage.
mk2 4,1 ratio (same as mk1 1800).
Low mileage, changed for a LSD.
Brussels (too far?)
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