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  1. Events and Motorsport
    Due to popular demand, 'Punks are putting on a club stand at Japday, a collaborative stand with Mx5Nutz.... Promising to boast a very similar day to what some know as Japfest, Japday is held at Castle Combe Saturday 14th May. more details to follow Stand tickets are available in the shop...
  2. MX-5 / Roadster Vids
    Well, here is some of the footage from the gopro!! I've put them all in a playlist to keep the clutter down, It's all unedited, if anyone wants the better quality original footage just message me, it's in 720p 60fps. What a day, seriously fun, shame the line for the big layout was so big, I...
  3. General Chat & Banter
    Well what can I say, caught Dave this morning eyeing up these on ebay! Wish Id known before he moved in....maybe they are for Yetidragon they are very close )...
1-3 of 3 Results