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    Hi My wife's 1990 Eunos 1.6 roadster V-Spec has temperamental intermittent wipers. The lag between wipes changes from time to time, sometimes almost non-existent so that its effectively low speed wiping, other times a reasonable pause. I read somewhere that there isn't a separate relay you can...
  2. How do I...
    Hi guys my wipers won't come off on my mk1 I've removed but cover unscrewed and it won't pull off I've tried leaving it soaking in wd40 do they just need pulling or is there a bolt or something I'm missing thanks
  3. Problems
    This morning I turned my wipers on, they move 2-3 inches and stopped. I've done some searching and found references to fuse 9 and fuse 11. As my fusebox cover is in Japanese, I decided to visual check all the fuses in the cabin. All good. Oh. More searching later, the blower motor works, the...
  4. Wanted
    Hi guys, im looking for another one of these as mine has snapped near the drivers side, as long as its in nice non damaged nick ill pay postage for it if anyone has one :) cheers
1-4 of 4 Results