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    I've been worrying my wee head over this for a little while now, I'm wondering if my brake discs and pads will be okay after the car sitting over winter, from about a month ago till say, march? I'm worrying that they will corrode and become useless and need replacing by the time it comes to...
  2. MX-5 / Roadster Forum
    As we all know.. Winter is coming!! And this will be my first winter with my 5.. and the first with a convertible.. Oh dear. :rofl: It will be interesting to say the least! Any tips on getting through the snow, ice and general crap weather?
  3. Wanted
    Hey Guys. Trying to find a cheap runabout as I want to do a bit of work and shield the MK1 from the elements a bit this winter. Something small with a small engine and cheap to tax would be great, anything considered. Also have a Carbon wrapped MK2 that I am going to put up for sale...
1-3 of 7 Results